Your teen driver may go through a formal driver education course before being allowed to get a driver’s license. But it’s up to you to help him or her complete the required amount of supervised driving. These dos and don’ts will help you navigate the process. Do: Start simple. Ease your teen into driving by … More


New drivers have to face the reality that every time they get behind the wheel, the risk of an accident is lurking. Car crashes can result from many things, including speeding, drugs and alcohol, calling or texting, fatigue, or not paying attention. You could even find yourself in an accident caused completely by someone else. … More AVOIDING ACCIDENTS

Germany Driving Laws

When driving in Germany, understanding the traffic laws is of the utmost importance and will help you enjoy a more carefree travel experience. Below you will find all the pertinent information regarding Germany’s driving rules and regulations, and how to avoid tickets and fines. Children under 12 years of age or under 5 feet tall, … More Germany Driving Laws

Information about Car Rental and Driving in Germany

General Information Germany was the first country in the world to develop a national system of superhighways, and for many years Germany’s Autobahn system was a model for other nations. After unification, Autobahns in the eastern part of the country were significantly upgraded. Today Germany has nearly 6,000mi/9660km of Autobahns and an extremely well-developed network … More Information about Car Rental and Driving in Germany

How to use a roundabout

A roundabout is a circular intersection without stop signs or traffic signals. Traffic flows counterclockwise around a central island. The benefits? Roundabouts improve traffic flow. They reduce serious crashes, injuries and fatalities because they virtually eliminate the chance of a head-on or right-angle collisions. They improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Roundabouts can even reduce … More How to use a roundabout


A high number of accidents occur due to a lack of observation when overtaking or changing lanes, in particular, not checking the blind spot. A cars blind spot is an observational area that cannot be viewed by looking in either the main rear view mirror or the side mirrors. This blind spot, typically either side … More CAR BLIND SPOT