Driving in Europe – before you go

Before you leave for your vacation, there are various things you can do to guarantee that you are set up for any consequence – sparing you time, cash and stress while you’re a long way from home. Here are the RAC’s best tips:


  • Acquaint yourself with the driving laws of the nation you are going to. This implies something beyond checking what side of the street to drive on – it ought to likewise incorporate speed limits; what printed material or documentation is required by law; liquor limits and whatever other critical standards and directions
  • Check what obligatory in-auto gear is required in the nation or nations you will be driving in. For instance, in July 2012 it ended up noticeably mandatory for all autos on French streets to convey a compact breathalyzer. The units empower drivers to check in the event that they are under the French furthest reaches of 50mg for each 100ml of blood which is 30mg lower than the UK. Drivers in France are likewise legitimately obliged to convey a notice triangle and fluorescent vest
  • In case you’re driving on the opposite side of the street, at that point your auto lights won’t be intended for this and you should fit fog light shaft converters to prevent them from stunning other street clients
  • Check with your insurance agency that you’re completely secured to drive abroad. On the off chance that you don’t have abroad cover, you will just have the base lawful cover (generally outside just) in the EU and you may need to pay an additional premium to expand your protection cover
  • Got a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)? This qualifies you for diminished or free state medicinal services on the off chance that you fall sick or are harmed when voyaging abroad. It is not a viable alternative for a travel protection arrangement. More points of interest accessible at NHS England.


  • Never expect your breakdown cover broadens abroad. You may need to expand your current cover or take out independent European Breakdown cover to keep away from pointless anxiety and huge extra cost in the event that anything turns out badly
  • Make a travel pack containing all the fitting documentation you should consent to the legitimate prerequisites of the nation you are going by and help on the off chance that you get into troubles. Notwithstanding your visa and driving permit, this may include: vehicle enrollment record (V5); engine protection authentication; International Driving Permit (if required or prompted); breakdown approach and contact numbers; travel protection archives and any crisis helpline numbers
  • Set up your auto before your excursion by ensuring it is adjusted. There are additionally straightforward things you can do yourself to ensure your auto is in great, roadworthy condition, for example, checking your tire weights and tread and garnish up your oil and checking your coolant level. These straightforward assignments are indispensable to keeping your auto running easily out and about and to stop your motor overheating
  • Bear in mind that your vehicle must show the proper nation recognizable proof letters (e.g. GB). Inability to do as such may bring about an on-the-spot fine, yet in the event that your number plates incorporate the GB Euro image, you needn’t bother with a sticker inside the EU
  • Stock up on your in-auto ‘toolbox’ – ensure you have a breakdown unit in your auto including fire douser, medical aid pack, tool box, burn, cover, cautioning triangle and intelligent jacket1. A jack and wheel expulsion apparatuses if there should arise an occurrence of a cut could come in amazingly convenient when you’re progressing abroad

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